4 Signs Your Roof Decking Is Damaged And How You Can Repair It

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A carefully built roofing system has different components that provide your house with the long-lasting support and protection it needs from external elements. Gusty winds, heavy snowfall, UV rays, and pouring rain can all damage your roof’s shingles, wearing them out quickly.

Underneath your roof’s shingles is a component known as “roof decking”. The roof decking is capable of sustaining small damage. However, major damage could result in structural problems compromising your house’s integrity. The repair costs are expensive, but if your roof decking is damaged, you need to consult a contractor for roof repairs in NJ.

Here are some damaged roof decking signs.

Visible Damage

The most obvious damaged roof decking signs are visible. These will be the cracks, holes, and penetrations on the roof decking. While this part of your roof is meant to last long and is sturdy, strong weather, such as heavy wind or snowfall, can easily damage it. With enough force, an already compromised roof decking becomes more susceptible to damage.

Buckling or Blown-Off Shingles

The roof’s shingles are attached to the decking. If they start to buckle or are blown off easily, it could be due to your decking. The shingles can get dislodged if the sheathing isn’t durable and stable. To avoid buckling, you need to consult a residential roofing contractors in NJ, for an inspection and get your roof decking or shingles replaced if necessary.

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Fluctuating Utility Bills

Roof decking affects your utility bills as well. When the decking lets more heat into your attic space, your attic’s temperature will increase, and the warm air will start leaking into your home’s living spaces. Increased heat will strain the HVAC system, and your indoor temperature will have to be constantly adjusted. This is a sign of damaged roof decking.

Sagging Roof Line

If your roof line starts to sag or bow, it’s a sign of damaged roof decking. This signifies a major structural problem in your home’s roofing system. When the roof decking cannot support roofing materials, including the shingles, it could be due to moisture damage or wood rot.

It’s better to replace your roof decking on time than wait for the sheathing to become so weak that it becomes unreliable. Replacement will help you save major costs in the future. At Elezi Construction NJ LLC, we offer free roof inspections in New Jersey.

If you have noticed any of the damaged roof decking signs we mentioned, you can consult our roofing specialists for roof renovation services in NJ. Consult our roofers today by filling out our contact form.

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