A Comprehensive Guide to Removing Ice Dams

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Snow on roof

Ice damming at the edge of your roof may damage its design and structure. Since your roof is the first line of defense during a winter storm, make sure you address and fix the problem immediately. It’s better to hire a roofing professional immediately to avoid dealing with costly damages. Here’s your guide to removing ice dams.

Temporary Solution

Though water flows downward, ice and snow stay put, so make sure you clear the accumulation on your roof. If you notice any signs of leaks or water damage on the roof, use a box fan to freeze the leaks in your attic. This is a short-term solution that you can implement immediately to prevent further damage until the ice is completely removed.

Chemical Ice Melt Products

Removing ice dams is also easy by using calcium chloride on the surface of your roof. Rather than tossing it directly on the ice dam, fill up old socks with the chemical’s granules and place them at the roof’s edges. Make sure the ice dam removal products you use contain only calcium chloride, as it’s safe for not only your roof but also the surrounding environment. Ice dam removal with rock salt, for example, will damage the vegetation around the house and the roof shingles.

Snow Rake

Another strategy for removing ice dams is scraping them off using an ice pick or snow rake. Roof contractors recommend using these tools only if you’re confident about safely moving around the roof. This prevents further ice dam buildup in the future after a snowstorm. Be careful when removing ice dams on a metal roof, as these manual tools can easily scrape off the metal, leading to expensive damages.

Snow on metal roof

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