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Chimney Hood Installation

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    Chimney Hood Installation
  • When you are getting installed a chimney in your kitchen, you need to do the homework first. Installation of the chimney hood at the proper and correct height is extremely imperative for the flawless functioning of the chimney. As if you install chimney close to stove it may catch fire. So what should be the actual height of the Chimney hood? You need to place your chimney hood at an optimum distance from the stove that is safe and can vent dirty air efficiently. 24 -30 inches above the stove is regarded as actual height for chimney hood installation according to most of the professionals.

    Effect of Suction capacity, type of stove, kitchen design and position of the stove, and the number of bends and the length of duct matters the most while calculating the right height for Chimney Hood Installation. You need to choose the right chimney and get it installed in a way that it effectively suck out all the gases and fumes and help you maintain proper safety during cooking. Selecting the right suction capacity is important for perfect Chimney Hood Installation. No electronic device works perfect with 100%efficiency, thatís why it is better to select higher suction capacity Chimney for cooking without any problems. Ease of maintenance is very important for keeping the appliances in optimum condition.

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    If you are looking for a Chimney Hood installation, then we have the technicians and expertise for a perfect one. Whether it is a carbon filter or external venting extractor unit, we can help you with perfect solutions. The technicians share expertise in installing chimney hoods for commercial and residential kitchens. When you book Chimney Hood Installation with us, you can count on getting the expertise you are looking for. We fix the chimney hood complying with the building regulations and guarantee you workmanship. Contact us for your Chimney hood installation requirements.

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