How to Ensure Your Commercial Property’s Roof Can Withstand the Jersey Winter

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An office roof covered with snow

If you own a real estate property or commercial building, you should ensure it can withstand winter. This can be done with regular roof inspections and maintenance before the rough winter weather in New Jersey. When the temperature starts to fall, hazardous storms can damage your roof.

Commercial roofing systems can easily fall victim to colder temperatures and the various problems they bring. To ensure your roof is prepared for the winter, learn about the safety practices in this guide. For free roof inspections in New Jersey, reach out to us at Elezi Construction NJ LLC. 

Clean The Commercial Roof

Falling leaves can easily block your commercial roof’s gutters and drains. And when the snow starts to fall, it can cover everything, including twigs, leaves, trash, and other objects. This will make it harder to remove and clear the roof during winter.

If not addressed promptly, these issues can quickly become bigger problems. You won’t realize how jammed everything is until your roof starts leaking. Roof maintenance throughout the year can help you avoid problems during New Jersey Winter.

Inspect Your Property’s Surroundings

Identify potential risk factors that might damage your roof by doing a quick but in-depth hazard assessment. There could be fallen branches near or above your roof. Some branches might even be hanging, so you should cut them before they fall. Tree limbs are easily weighed down by snow and can fall on your roof, penetrating the drainage system.

Snow on the street

Have An Ice and Snow Removal Plan

Usually, commercial properties, facilities, or flat roofs in New Jersey are designed in a way to handle the “snow load”. So, you can check beforehand if there is any need to remove the snow. However, there will be times when you may have to deal with ice and snow removal.

To make sure your roof maintenance is appropriate according to New Jersey winter, you need to identify areas prone to ice and snow accumulation. You should do this before snowfall to execute necessary roof inspections efficiently.

Identify and Fix Issues

Your roof needs to be in good condition so it can handle being buried underneath the snow. Once you make all the necessary repairs, it will fix problems and issues that could have damaged your roof further during winter.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

Commercial roof maintenance isn’t easy in New Jersey. When winter arrives, you already have hundreds of things to do. However, a roof inspection is still important before severe damages kick in. You can hire a premier roofing company to look at your roof’s weak spots and repair everything.

Check us out at Elezi Construction NJ LLC for roof repairs, inspection and maintenance and chimney repairs, masonry repairs, and other services. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection by our commercial roofing contractor in New Jersey.

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