How to Fix Skylight Leaks

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Skylight in a home

Skylights allow natural light into your home while improving ventilation. Since they’re exposed to adverse weather conditions during rainy and snowy months, you may end up dealing with multiple leaks. Fixing skylight leaks requires professional roof restoration services to increase its lifespan and get the job done quickly.  

Reasons for Skylight Leaks

Leaks in a skylight indicate that it may not be fully closed or have worn-out seals. To fix the problem, check its rubber gasket, which may have developed mold or deteriorated over time. Broken sealing means water and moisture can enter between the window frame and casing. Leaks in your roof may be another reason for skylight leakage, which can be fixed by using roof cement to fill the gap.

Fixing Skylight Leaks

Quality skylights feature flashing, which should be installed correctly to prevent leaks. If the flashing has rust or nails, rip off the shingles and have it reinstalled. Another way to fix a leaking skylight is sealing it by caulking. A damaged skylight sealing is easy to spot as it crumbles away, exposing the flashing. Scrape off the loose bits using a putty knife, and then apply a new layer of the sealant to fix leaks.


Leaks are not always the reason for water dripping from your skylights. Instead, this problem is caused by condensation. When a room (laundry room or bathroom) is humid, warm air rises and comes directly into contact with the cold skylight, causing condensation. You can get rid of this condensation by improving the room’s ventilation with a dehumidifier, portable fan, or ceiling fan.

Skylight Repair or Replacement?

Damaged skylights during re-roofing can develop leaks. This issue can be fixed by having the skylight replaced if you have the required budget. If you can’t find the source of leakage in your skylight, don’t go looking around by walking on the roof. It’s best to contact a professional roofing contractor to avoid injuries or costly damages. A certified roofing expert will easily spot the damages that a homeowner cannot.

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