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With winter just around the corner, you may be thinking about finally lighting up your house’s fireplace and doing everything possible to keep your indoors warm and cozy. However, the first concern that comes to mind before taking such steps is whether you should clean your chimneys or not. This isn’t only a matter of a house’s hygiene but is also a significant step towards preventing fire dangers against your home and family members.

Unclean chimneys often result in fires that eventually damage your property and put the residents’ lives at risk. Therefore, it’s always good to keep chimney repairs and restoration in mind to avoid such repercussions. While scheduling a free chimney inspection with us will help you find out whether it’s time to have your chimneys cleaned, here are three evident ways to figure this out.

When a Bird Enters Through It

There’s often a strange smell emanating from your chimney’s exit area when something’s unusually wrong with it. While there may be other reasons for it, a common reason is a bird or animal inside the chimney. This usually happens when your house’s chimney cap is weak and faulty. As a result, it becomes easier for birds to get inside chimneys and become stuck for a long time.

The insides of a damaged and unclean chimney often become a habitat for birds who build their nests, raise their offspring, and sometimes even die inside if they cannot get back out. If you suspect the smell of a bird or animal being stuck inside your chimney, it might be the right time to request an inspection and have it thoroughly cleaned.

Excessive Chimney Smoke

If you light up your fireplace and notice the production of excessive amounts of smoke from the chimney, there might be a problem. This is much more serious and concerning than a bird stuck inside. Chimneys produce excessive smoke when something is blocking or clogging their passageways.

This could be dirt, grime, or creosote from the previous seasons. It won’t only affect the chimney’s functionality, but also jeopardize your health and safety inside the house. Excessive smoke from the chimney is the only sign you need to request chimney restoration services.

Soot Formation

Another way to tell whether your chimney needs cleaning is by looking out for soot formation. Ideally, your chimney and the walls nearby should look spotless and clean at all times. However, if you notice a black stain forming on the hearth or near the fireplace, there’s a high chance that soot is forming in your chimney.

Having this issue addressed and soot cleaned beforehand will allow you to avoid worsened damage, including creosote formation inside and outside the chimney.

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