Is It Possible to Restore the Color of Faded Brick Exteriors?

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Red brick wall

For the most part, brick exteriors don’t require a lot of maintenance or upkeep and easily enhance your building’s aesthetic. They are also more energy efficient compared to any other building materials out there.

However, while brick exteriors are durable and low-maintenance, they may fade and lose their original color over time. If your building’s brickwork has been exposed to sunlight, rain, and dirt, you would require faded brick exterior restoration through masonry services at Elezi Construction NJ LLC.

Gentle Cleaning

If the faded brick exterior is due to dirt and dust, you can use a cleaning powder for gentle wash and restoration. For any stubborn stains, you can hire a masonry contractor who will scrub off the discoloration using soap and a stiff brush before washing it with water. However, if the brickwork is stained or starkly faded, you will definitely require masonry services in NJ.

Fix Root Causes

Usually, faded bricks signify a serious underlying issue that is causing the brickwork to vanish. Before faded brick exterior restoration, check for the root causes and fix them. There could be a problem like efflorescence—this is a white, salt-like substance that brick walls often develop.

If it starts forming on your brick building, you need to get professional masonry services in NJ. This will help address where the moisture is occurring from and causing the efflorescence to appear. After this, the masonry contractor will apply the brick paint or clear coat.

Red brick wall


Another effective faded brick exterior restoration method is tuckpointing. This process removes all the faded parts before applying new bricks using putty alongside the joints in similar colors. The finish is excellent after this process and the bricks look beautiful and clean.

Paint The Bricks

If you want an easy restoration method for your faded brick exterior, you can simply paint them. Just make sure you are rinsing the bricks with water before you start painting. Let the bricks absorb all the water and then scrub them before they’re completely dry. Now you can apply a pre-paint sealer and then cover the sides with tape, so there aren’t any paint patches.

Commercial and Residential Masonry Services in NJ

You can now get faded brick exterior restoration at amazing prices at Elezi Construction NJ LLC. Our expert masonry contractors provide professional masonry services for your residential or commercial property in NJ.

We’re a premier roofing company in New Jersey, assisting home and property owners with a variety of services, including roof repairs, roof inspection, roof maintenance, and chimney repairs, among other services.

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