Key Reasons Pre-Winter Chimney Sweeps are Important

Home Shingle Roofing Key Reasons Pre-Winter Chimney Sweeps are Important
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With the temperature in New Jersey dropping by the minute and the Holiday Season approaching, it’s time for all homeowners to take charge of their houses and prepare their homes for the cold weather as much as possible.

From improving a house’s insulation to having your ductwork inspected, there’s a lot to do to ensure your and your family’s safety during winter. However, many homeowners fail to recognize the significance of a thorough chimney sweep during this time even if they’re planning to get their fireplaces started soon.

You can always benefit from pre-winter chimney sweeps with the right chimney restoration services. Here’s why they’re essential.

To Reduce a Hazardous Fire Risk

As good as turning up the fireplace sounds in winter, it can also turn into a catastrophe if your chimney isn’t in the best possible shape. It’s always good to have your house’s fireplace maintained and inspected to prevent the risk of a hazardous house fire.

Unclean chimneys are a leading reason why fireplaces malfunction and wreak havoc with house fires. Therefore, working with an experienced chimney expert with experience in chimney restoration can significantly help you avoid unprecedented destruction resulting from gas, fire, or carbon monoxide exposure.

It’s because chimney cleaning largely involves the sweeping away of creosote materials from its insides. This instantly prevents the likelihood of fire hazards occurring inside your house whenever you intend to start the fireplace to cozy up your house.

To Prevent Pest Infestations

Many chimneys are left open without proper caps or lids on top of them. While this may not sound like a huge deal during summer, it’s important to think about it during pre-winter renovations. It’s because an open chimney is often home to bird nests and pest infestations.

This isn’t only a dangerous thing for animals but is also extremely unhealthy and unhygienic for home occupants. It’s because the species living inside the chimney carry various diseases that may affect indoor air quality.

You can always be assured that all the pests, animals, and nests inside your house’s chimney are swept away by requesting instant chimney repair services. Furthermore, your chimney experts can always help you prevent further infestation by helping you find the right chimney cap, specifically suitable for your house’s chimney.

To Extend the Chimney’s Lifespan

Chimneys are the most susceptible to both indoor and outdoor elements. Therefore, their wear and tear are often inevitable. Avoiding chimney damage and delaying necessary repairs can result in costly maintenance requirements and a highly affected chimney lifespan.

Resorting to chimney restoration services before the arrival of harsh winters is always a better idea when trying to save costs and improve your chimney’s longevity.

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At Elezi Construction, our chimney repair professionals in New Jersey can help you with all your chimney restoration requirements this year. We’re a premier roofing company specializing in free roof inspections, masonry services, roof repairs, and more. Contact our experts to learn more or request a quote today!

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