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    Bricks are very porous and this can make the chimneys and the other masonry very susceptible to the damage. The intrusion of the water into the bricks can cause damage like spalling, efflorescence and deterioration of the mortar between the bricks. Even the brickwork that is protected, will breakdown after a certain time frame and will require repair and maintenance. The water damage to masonry structures is a gradual process, so it doesn’t gets surfaced initially.

    We offer important Masonry Maintenance Bridgewater NJ services and help you get the string masonry again. Our skilled team is adept at maintaining and constructing brick structures, like patio, retaining walls, sidewalks, lampposts, mailboxes and more. We identify the objectionable cracks and take corrective measures to repair that prior to the main repairing process. Otherwise the cracks can re-surface again.

    Best Masonry Maintenance Bridgewater

    Getting your masonry structures checked regularly can help you analyze the cause of the damage and this will further help in determining the right repair method. The experts clean the masonry prior to tuck pointing for avoiding the dirt and deposits ruining the process.

    The experts treat the loopholes by applying the necessary coatings then helps in strengthening the structure and help in restraining water penetration. Contact the experts at Masonry Maintenance Bridgewater NJ and avail the best solutions for your masonry problems.

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