Masonry Repair vs. Masonry Restoration: What’s the Difference?

Home Roofing Masonry Repair vs. Masonry Restoration: What’s the Difference?
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Whether you own a residential property or a commercial building, there’s a significantly high likelihood of it being built with masonry practices. In fact, masonry services play a significant role in providing a house with an aesthetic curb appeal and outdoor atmosphere. The best way to describe it is as a construction practice involving the use of cement to create walls, floors, ceilings, blocks of cement, and various other property features using bricks and stones.

From your house’s driveway to its steps and other outdoor elements, a lot of masonry work is often involved in building a house. This increases the need for homeowners to understand the difference between masonry services, including masonry repairs and restoration.

With the right roofing company, it’s possible to get both. Here’s everything you need to know about masonry repairs and masonry restoration services.

Masonry Repairs

As the name suggests, masonry repairs involve the mending or restoration of masonry in residential and commercial buildings. One of the biggest indicators of one needing instant masonry Masonry Repair vs. Masonry Restoration: What’s the Difference?epairs is a cracked wall or chipping of bricks on a house’s wall.

Similarly, foundation damage resulting from faulty roofs, water flooding inside the house, and high indoor moisture retention often requires you to request masonry services. The idea behind these is to fix the cracks and gaps in the bricks or stones to ensure they’re in the best possible shape at all times.

Most masonry repair experts perform these tasks through mortar replacement, plugging and filling gaps, and mending stones if possible.

Masonry Restoration

Now that you know what masonry repairs mean, it’s easier to understand what masonry restoration involves. Unlike small adjustments in masonry repairs, masonry restoration projects involve the entire masonry overhaul. These are larger and more time-consuming masonry projects.

During masonry restoration, contractors renovate the entire wall or building instead of only fixing the broken or cracked parts. The need for masonry restoration becomes evident when you’ve tried to have your house’s masonry repaired multiple times but still experience worsening problems over time.

Residents and property owners looking for long-term solutions for masonry maintenance often resort to masonry restoration services to avoid hefty repair costs and secure home value.

Let Us Help You Out

Choosing between masonry repairs and masonry restoration services essentially depends on your affordability and the nature of your project. In any case, you can always meet this goal by reaching out to our trained masonry contractors at Elezi Construction LLC NJ.

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We’re a premier roofing company in New Jersey, specializing in both masonry repairsand restoration for homeowners looking to spruce up their properties. With 75 years of experience as a leading residential roofing company, we make sure you’re always satisfied with every project you sign us up for. From complex chimney repairs to free roof inspections and foundation damage repairs, we do it all. Check out more of our services here, or get in touch with us to learn more today!

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