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The Terms and Conditions of Using Our Website

1. Terms

If you’re able to access this website, you’re agreeing to the specified terms and conditions of using the site as per the governing laws and regulatory compliance requirements. However, you’re prohibited from accessing or browsing through this site if you disagree with our terms and conditions at any point.

All content on our website is safeguarded by the US trademark and copyright law.

2. Using Our Website

Downloading and Using Our Website’s Content and Materials:

As per our terms and conditions, users are permitted to temporarily download and use only one of the materials from Elezi Construction’s website. However, this should only be for non-commercial use and should facilitate individual needs only. This permission is not synonymous with an exchange of title and should only be regarded as a permit of license. This means you, as a user, cannot edit, delete, update, or copy the content on our website.

Following are a few other things you’re prohibited from doing under this permit of license:

  1. Use our website content for business use or public representation in any case.
  2. Eradicate copyright and trademark materials from our documents and web content.
  3. Transfer or shift our website content from one server or user to another.

If you fail to keep the restrictions discussed above in mind, we have the authority to terminate your permit at any point in time. A termination by Elezi Construction will ultimately end your access to viewing and using our website. Furthermore, you’ll be required to delete and erase any materials you’ve previously downloaded from our website under the permit, be it in print or digital form.

3. Disclaimer

All the content on Elezi Construction’s website has been written: “as is”. We make no guarantees of the reliability or authenticity of the materials on our website. This ultimately nullifies every warranty or guarantee a user might receive from any other entity as a result of the infringement of rights or encroachment of licensed intellectual property.

Additionally, Elezi Construction doesn’t guarantee or make any warrants about the applicability, reliability, and precision of the materials on our website. Therefore, the use and outcome of the information given on our website are not our responsibility when used on any other platform other than Elezi Construction’s website.

4. Constraints

The admins of Elezi Construction’s website and the suppliers within the company should in no way be subjected to any consequences or harm when the website’s materials are illegally utilized from any of our web pages. This includes defamation, business interferences, lack of constraints, loss of information, or exploitation for benefits. Regardless of whether these entities were verbally or formally informed of the risks, they’re protected against any harm by the law.

These constraints are based on some common purview that doesn’t allow inferred guarantees. They shouldn’t make a difference to our suppliers or you as a user.

5. Errors and Amendments

The content you view on Elezi Construction’s website might have some grammatical, typographical, and design mistakes and errors. Our company doesn’t guarantee that any website content is precise, accurate, trending, finished, or error-free. While we do our best to review our website material as much as possible, any incorrect information you may find here is not our responsibility.

Furthermore, Elezi Construction has the right to make improvements and edits to the website content without notifying its users at any moment. However, we’re not bound to make such updates and improvements unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

6. The Incorporation of Links

The links you find on Elezi Construction’s website are not, in any way, checked or reviewed by us. Therefore, we’re not in charge of any links incorporated into our website or a connected web page that you may find on our website.

The mention of any links on Elezi Construction’s website doesn’t indicate our support for another website. The use of other web pages other than our website is only applicable if you intend to do so at your own risk.

7. Terms for Modifying the Website

We have the right to update and improve the terms of using our website at any given time without informing the users. If you’re using this website, you’re consenting and agreeing to the existing terms and conditions of using our website.

8. Regulatory Compliance of the Governing Law

The use, recognition, and identification of our website should strictly be under the laws of the United States and its specific law provision for accessing websites.

Privacy Policy for Users

We value our users’ privacy and protection more than anything. Therefore, we have drafted our privacy policy to give you a clear outlook on how we will collect, use, distribute, or present your data through our website. Here’s a quick overview of our privacy policy for all our users.

  • The purpose of data collection will always be mentioned when you’re required to submit personal data on our website.
  • Our company will only collect and use personal data if it satisfies the data collection objectives we’ve mentioned. This will only be possible if a user agrees to submit their information.
  • We will only store your data for a specific duration until it has fulfilled our data collection purposes.
  • All our data collection processes will be strictly compliant with the governing laws and as per the terms of users’ consent.
  • The personal information we collect will be strictly for the uses indicated to the users. Therefore, it should always be accurate and updated by the users.
  • Our company will always protect personal data against identity theft and interference with our security features. As a result, you never have to worry about unapproved access, data duplication, and other risks.
  • Our users have the right to receive all our regulatory policies and procedures to learn more about how we collect, use, and administer personal data.
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