Signs You Need to Hire a Chimney Contractor For Repairs

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Did you know there are over 25,000 chimney fires every year in the country? These can range from flames shooting from the chimney top to slow burning that can damage house structure if it goes undetected.

If you use a fireplace or a wood stove as a heat source, you should get frequent chimney inspection services. That’s because chimneys can become damaged over time, leading to potentially dangerous situations. A certified chimney repair contractor can ensure that your chimney is safe to use and that your home is protected from potential hazards.

Here’s how you can tell that it’s time to call chimney repair experts.

Smoke In Your Home

Chimneys help smoke get outside the house. If you notice smoke entering your home while using a fireplace, it can be due to a blocked or damaged chimney. A blocked chimney will prevent the smoke from going out and direct it back into your home. Chimney repair experts can inspect your chimney and determine the cause of the problem.

Soot Buildup

Soot buildup or residue is the black powdery material that sticks to the walls of a home after a fire. If you notice anything like that on the walls of your chimney, it could be a sign of a blockage or a problem with the chimney’s ventilation system. It can lead to a fire hazard and have an adverse effect on your health, so you must get it checked by a chimney repair expert.

Cracks or Holes

If you can find any cracks and holes in the structure of your home’s chimney, call a chimney restoration service. These openings allow moisture to enter the chimney, leading to further damage and potentially dangerous situations, such as the structure falling into your house.

Damaged Brickwork

Damaged brickwork can affect the chimney’s structural integrity and cause it to become unstable. A certified chimney repair contractor can help you control the damage and ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe to use.

Strong Smells

You may smell a strange odor from your chimney if there is a blockage or other problem. It can be a sign of damage or another issue in the chimney’s ventilation system. Hire chimney contractors to inspect the problem to prevent dangerous gases from entering your home.

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Water Damage

If your chimney is leaking, there can be signs of water damage on the walls or ceiling around your chimney. It can affect the structure of your house and cause damage to surrounding walls if not inspected and repaired. A professional chimney contractor can inspect your chimney and identify the extent of damage caused by water leaks.

The Age of Your Chimney

A chimney that is over 20 years old can get damaged more easily in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it’s important to have it inspected by chimney repair experts, who can help identify potential problems before they become more severe.

If you notice any of the above signs in your home, get free roof inspection in New Jersey from our chimney repair experts. We also offer roof replacement and repair services, masonry services, and more in New Jersey. Contact us now to hire a certified chimney repair contractor in NJ.

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