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Poor attic ventilation is one of the major reasons for higher energy bills, so every homeowner must understand the different types of roofing and attic ventilation before installation. Since the structure of every home is different, the type of roofing and ventilation it needs depends on its design and layout. Improper ventilation also prevents proper airflow throughout your home. Here’s your guide to choosing the right attic ventilation system by professional roofers.

Types of Attic Ventilation Systems

There are two types of roofing and attic ventilation systems—passive and active. Both work by pulling fresh air into the attic, allowing heat to move properly through the vents, and maximizing your roof’s lifespan. Though passive and active roof vents are equally effective, they function differently.

An active attic ventilation system pushes air outside the attic using vents, but a passive ventilation system doesn’t rely on vents and moves air naturally through convection (a phenomenon in which cool air pushes warm air out).

Turbine Vents

This feature works by drawing warm air out of the attic through convection, even without wind. Proper airflow in this type of system depends on its installation, especially during a roof restoration or roof replacement project. Turbine vents are open-aired and have slats on them, so most homeowners think that insects, snow, and rain can easily enter the house. But this type of active ventilation system is designed to prevent this from happening.

Static Vents

These little box-like vents installed on your roof allow heat to move out of the attic naturally through convection. As warm air rises, it is pushed out through the vent, keeping your home free of excess moisture. Static vents are a kind of passive ventilation system and are also known as box vent or turtle vent. Qualified roofing experts recommend homeowners should install static vents as they make no noise, have no moving parts, and are maintenance-free.

Other Types of Attic Ventilation

  • Ridge vent without baffle: this passive ventilation type is cut into a ridge and runs along its length.
  • Gable and vent: a wooden passive ventilation system installed on your attic’s exterior wall.
  • Solar-powered vent: an active attic ventilation type that uses the sun’s energy to operate.
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