What Are Chimney Liners and Why Are They Important?

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Do you have a fireplace in your house? If you do, you understand the importance of maintaining its structure. At Elezi Construction, everyone needs to add chimney liners to make their chimneys and fireplaces safer.

Chimney liners are the most underrated components of a well-functioning fireplace. If you want your flue and chimney to function safely, consider installing chimney liners. Let’s discuss these liners in detail. For chimney restoration services in NJ, check us out today.

What’s A Chimney Liner?

If dangerous gasses fail to escape your home, they can become a health hazard. This is why chimneys exist. They help carry these gases outside your home. However, chimneys can become overheated and need insulation or a barrier to prevent this from happening.

This is where a chimney liner comes in. Using a chimney liner helps create a barrier between the walls of your chimney and the flue. Its main job is to protect and insulate the chimney. This liner is made out of metal conduit, clay, or ceramic. It contains the combustion of gases and directs them outside to prevent corrosion and heat on the chimney walls.

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Why Are Chimney Liners Important

There are various reasons why you should consider getting chimney linings.

  • Without chimney liners, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide can easily leak into your living spaces. Chimney liners can help redirect those gases outside your home.
  • Modern appliances inside your house produce immense condensation. Unlined chimneys and low-temperature gasses can leak into your house and result in masonry deterioration.
  • A chimney is great for burning wood in your fireplace. However, smoke from the woods burning builds up on your chimney walls in the form of a tar-like substance called creosote. This is a highly inflammable byproduct, and chimney liners can help combat its formation, thereby reducing fire hazards.
  • Lined chimneys also don’t overheat, unlike unlined ones.
  • You can use a chimney liner to make your chimneys more energy efficient, as there will be improved heat retention and airflow.
  • Without chimney liners, your chimney would require more fuel or wood.

More About Chimney Liners

Chimney liners don’t guarantee benefits and maximum protection unless you get the right size. They also deteriorate and get damaged over time, so you must ensure their maintenance.

According to certain building codes, chimney liners are a requirement. Additionally, you may not get a homeowners’ insurance policy if you don’t maintain your chimney. Hence, chimney liners are necessary for various things.

For a fully-functioning and safe chimney, hire Elezi Construction NJ LLC today. We can help you maintain your chimney and achieve optimal performance. Our chimney repair experts in NJ offer professional chimney restoration services.

Reach out to us today for more information about our services.

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