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    Make Your Home Look Picture-Perfect by Consulting Our Experienced Exterior Construction Contractors in Hackensack NJ

    Keen to improve your property’s visual appeal? You’re at the right place. With over 75 years of combined experience, our exterior construction contractors leave no stone, Shingle, or block unturned to deliver exceptional roofing, masonry, and chimney services.

    Every roofer on our team has the training and experience to conduct exceptional storm damage restorations. Our commitment to ensuring our clients’ roofs look great and remain intact in harsh weather has earned us a stellar reputation among thousands of New Jersey property owners. Whether you’re seeking residential or commercial roofing contractors in Hackensack, reach out to us, and you can rest assured your property will look breathtaking once we’ve tended to it.

    The quality of our roof repair and installations has put smiles on the faces of clients in over 150 locations across New Jersey. We also repair masonry foundations, prevent erosion spots in retaining walls, and build breathtakingly beautiful chimneys that’ll make your home the envy of your neighbors in no time.

    Reach out to us now and find out what it’s like to elevate your home’s curb appeal with the help of a premier roofing company in Hackensack, NJ.

    Roofers In Hackensack NJ Provide A Wide Range Of Roofing-Related Solutions

    Building the roof is a time-consuming process. At Elezi Construction NJ rated as Hackensack’s Nj’s Top Roofers make certain that every step of the roofing process is followed to the letter in order to provide you with a roof that will protect your home for years to come.

    Step By Step Process of Roof Repair and Installation Followed By Elezi Construction LLC NJ:

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    Roof Repair & Installation Step 1: Remove the Old Roof

    One of the most time-consuming aspects of removing an old roof is ensuring that all of the old shingles are removed or pounded flat into the remaining structure. Leaving nails sticking out will tear holes in the new shingles, so don’t skimp on this step. Hence, hiring the best roofers in Hackensack is always recommended.

    We roof repair services in all these locations: Mahwah NJ, Ramsey NJ, Ridgewood NJ, Oakland NJ, Paramus NJ, Wayne NJ, Paterson NJ, Hackensack NJ, Clifton NJ, Montclair, Parsippany-Troy Hills NJ, Livingston NJ, Morristown NJ, Newark NJ, Union NJ, Summit NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Linden NJ, Plainfield NJ, Warren NJ, South Plainfield NJ, Woodbridge NJ, Bridgewater NJ.

    Roof Repair & Installation Step 2: Setting Up the Drip Edge

    While not always necessary, a drip edge provides a great finished look, prevents shingles from curing, and prevents water from running down your fascia boards. Before installing the underlayment, this must be secured to the eaves and nailed every couple of feet to keep it secure. Call us for free roof inspection and quotes: 1-201-989-3845

    Roofers in NJ’s roofing services are optimised to provide the most possible value to our customer base. As you can see, the processes needed to construct a roof are specific and necessary in order to maintain the structure and secure your investment. If you’d like more information on repairing or replacing your roof, call (+1 201-989-3845) or click HERE to schedule your consultation.

    Roof Repair & Installation Step 3: Start with the Starting Shingles

    This is the first and most important phase of shingle coverage. Shingles are meant to overlap, but starter shingles are specifically created to be the initial row of flat, and they are only 12 inches wide. This creates a barrier that keeps water from getting in between the first shingles and causing a leak. Our roof repair professionals in Hackensack NJ always make sure to avoid these barriers and keep the shingle water leakage proof. Book your appointments for roof installation & repair: 1-201-989-3845

    The roof is actually the backbone of the house, so if there is a problem or a leak in the roof, it can really hurt the whole house. Roof projects can be pretty big, so it’s important that the people who replace, install, or fix the roof are experts who can do a good job. If a roof is not fixed or put on correctly, it could cause a lot of damage to the things inside your home or business. The Elezi Construction NJ is a trusted roof repair and roof installation service provider.

    Roof Repair & Installation Step 4: Put Up the Shingles

    This is a time-consuming process, although it is perhaps the simplest aspect of roofing a house. Shingles are attached with a nail gun in an overlapping pattern. Set up the flashing. This is an additional phase, similar to waterproofing the valleys, that must be accomplished to provide a tight seal around chimneys, windows, and any structures that touch the roof.

    Book your appointments for roof installation & repair: 1-201-989-3845

    Roof Repair & Installation Step 5: Finishing The Ridge

    These are the shingles at the top of your roof. We frequently employ specially developed shingles for this purpose. Since these shingles need to be attached through multiple layers of shingles, longer nails are often needed.

    Call For Roof Repair Quotes: 201-989-3845

    The Reasons Why You Should Choose Us As Your Roofing Contractor In NJ: Call +12019893845

    • We have a vast service staff
    • A full administrative team
    • Our employees have to be well trained

    As a residential and commercial roofing repair service provider in Hackensack NJ, we are designed to complete large jobs at a low cost. Because of their high overhead, they are not the most cost-effective option for residential roofs.

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    Roof Installation, Repair, Replacement, Top Roofing Contractor

    • We have experience in every kind of residential and commercial roofing material repairs like Shingles
    • The experts utilize the products that are compatible with the roofing system we are working on and take great care to maintain the existing look and functionality of the roof system.
    • Elezi Constructions does your roof repair in Hackensack NJ anytime regardless of the weather outside. We remain always ready to be deployed all the time. No condition deters us from doing our job.

    Chimney Masonry Repair, Replacement, Installation, Renovation in NJ

    Our team is ready to assist you with the chimney repairs you require. Loose bricks, cracks, leaks, liner problems are some of the major issues that individual encounter with chimneys. We understand how important to ensure the health of your family and hence we are dedicated to provide the premium quality repairing services and resolve complain quickly. What are you waiting for? Dial our number! Talk to our experts and discuss your chimney repair project!


    Masonry Repair & Maintenance, Restoration, Contractor, Installation, Patio, Steps, Stone Work

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    We aim at making your facility safer with constant maintenance support, and restoration. From mortar damage to flue repair, we do it all, with speed, efficiency, and highest standards of mind. Quality artisanship is what we bring on the table; we are masters of our craft.

    High Quality Material

    At Elezi Construction NJ LLC, we only use high quality roofing materials and supplies and offer free estimates so you get an exact idea of the costing.

    Expert Engineer

    Engineers with over 15+ Years of experience in Roofing and Masonry work

    Heavy Materials

    We use only high quality material that ensures your safety and security.

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    We are available ion emergencies and are just one call away from you.


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    We are a full-service roofing company committed to superior service, industry-leading materials, and competitive prices.

    Our services include free roof inspections, free hail, and wind storm damage assessments, and roof restoration for single-family homes and apartment complexes.

    Connect With Us for a Free Roof Inspection in New Jersey

    Since its founding a decade year’s ago, Premier Roofing Company has completed more than thousands of roofing jobs.

    We are certified to perform roofing work in dozens of cities and counties in Oakland, Jersey City, Morristown, Bridgewater, Cranford, Hackensack, and all nearby areas. Roof restoration is a service provided by our Roofing Company we provide to homeowners in the US.

    Our Roofing Company provides the expertise and knowledge to execute any home or multifamily roofing job.

    Our Roofing Service Will Care for Your Roof like It’s Ours 

    As a family-owned Roofing service and -operated business, we view our customers like family. As a result, we will handle your roof with the care and attention it deserves by using premium products and providing unmatched Roofing service. We understand that families remain together through thick and thin, and you can expect the same level of commitment from us regarding your roof.

    A Flat Roof Enduring the Staying Power: Hire the Best Roofers Near Me/You

    Reliable solutions for low-slope and flat roofs from skilled Roofing service professionals. We are #1 Union Roofers

    Our flat roofs are resistant to ozone, rips, punctures, collisions, and algae growth. We install EPDM, TPO, and PVC single-ply systems in addition to traditional built-up and modified bitumen flat roofs.

    Discriminating Homeowners’ Options

    Combining sturdiness and energy efficiency, metal roofs are gaining popularity as a roofing material.

    Common Roof Repair Issues That Can Be Fixed With the Help of a Roofing Contractor in NJ

    If you are looking for the best Roofers near me then our Roofs are susceptible to several sorts of damage, all of which a roofing contractor can fix.

    Demolition of the structure

    Your answer for the best Roofers near me as with any other component of a house, roofing can deteriorate with time and require maintenance. The structural faults that a roofer may repair include roof material shrinkage, holes, and missing shingles.

    Roof Leaks: Get It Repaired from the Best Roofing Company in Hackensack and New Jersey

    No homeowner wants to look up at their ceiling and discover that water is pouring in from the roof, but it is crucial to fix the issue immediately to prevent structural damage or mold growth within the home so they urgently need a roof repair so they scour on the internet ‘budget Roofers near me’, ‘best Roofers near me and more.

    Most leaks occur in locations with seams and material transitions, such as around the chimney, flashing, gutters, skylights, vents, and pipes. Our roofer will inspect the roof to identify the cause of the leak and offer an estimate for its repair.

    Superior Roofing Contractor in NJ for your Commercial and Residential Roofing

    Need a roofing contractor for a job but are uncertain where to look? Check on the internet and you can also check our satisfied customer reviews before hiring a roofer. Check our roofing contractor standards services and directories.

    Then, contact us for our local roofing contractors to arrange consultations. We are leading roofing services contractors in the group of roofing contractors and competitive prices as well. You can have a call with our expert roofing contractors to choose the appropriate solution for your home roof.

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