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Chimneys play a significant role in keeping all the smoke from the fireplace and stove away from the house. Furthermore, they’re one of the most value-adding features of a house, especially because of the functionality and aesthetic appeal they provide the property. However, chimneys require just as much care, maintenance, and repairs as any other feature of the house.

Regardless of their significance, many homeowners fail to pay as much attention to chimneys as they should. As a result, they often become subject to accidents such as home fires resulting from damaged chimneys. This increases the need to work with reliable chimney repair experts specializing in fixing multiple chimney issues.

Here are three common problems you should know about.

Broken Chimney Bricks

Some components that keep a chimney stable over the years include bricks and blocks. However, they can often break and collapse over time, affecting the balance of the chimney standing over your house.

Cracks and warps on chimney bricks are common problems that can instantly be fixed when working with the right chimney repair experts. All you need is to request an inspection with reliable exterior construction contractors who can replace the broken bricks and ensure the chimney’s stability for the next few years.

Destructed Mortar

Most residential chimneys are incredibly susceptible to moisture. Regardless of the materials your chimney is built with, damaged chimney mortar can let the moisture in the environment affect your chimney and its overall functionality.

Damaged chimney mortar should always be fixed without wasting any time. If you work with experienced chimney professionals, they’re most likely to employ the tuckpointing method to pull the destructed mortar away and replace it with a new one.


The primary purpose of having chimneys is to let all the smoke out of your house at all times. Therefore, chimneys are strategically installed where you’re likely to light up the fireplace, burn wood, or use a gas stove.

When a significant amount of smoke goes through the chimney over a long period, there’s a high chance of creosote building up inside the chimney’s passageways.

This always happens when chimneys don’t undergo routine maintenance as they should. Regardless of how bad the creosote layer is, it’s essential to address the issue instantly before the problem worsens and causes danger.

Creosote is a leading reason why many houses experience unexpected chimney fires. Requesting a chimney inspection every couple of months can help you resolve this issue.

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