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How Hail Damage Can Affect the Roof of Your Residence

Hail comes in a range of shapes and sizes, with many of them causing damage to roofs and other outside structures. Without exception, normal hail damage is not visible from the ground and hence goes overlooked by those who are not skilled like Union Roofers in hail damage recognition and mitigation techniques. Anyone in need of roof repair or replacement services should contact Union Roofers.

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Early Warning Signs of Possible Hail Damage

According to Union Roofers Hail Storm in the Area Recently Small Dents in Metal on Roof Cracks and Marks on Roof or Siding Effects of Hail Damage Hail Storm in the Area

  • Accelerates Shingle Granule Depletion
  • Roof System Failure Before It Should Have
  • Premature failure of siding and other exterior building components.
  • Manufacturers’ warranties are voided.

Discover the signs of Union Roofers roofs that have been damaged by severe weather

Wind damage to Union Roofers roofing systems can manifest itself in several ways. If you have reason to believe your roof has suffered wind damage, you may have seen one or more of the following signs:


  • Shingles that are missing or have been blown off
  • Shingles that have been torn or curled
  • Shingles that have been lifted or come loose
  • Nails that are exposed
  • The roof that is leaking
  • Shingle Seals that have been broken
  • Shingles That Have Been Creased

Union Roofers Roofs for Commercial flat Buildings

Insulation that has been completely or partially blown off Membrane Attachment that is unattached or has shifted is compromised.

  • Fasteners that have been popped or exposed
  • Perimeter Metals are metals found around the perimeter of a building.
  • The roof that has been lifted or cracked and leaking

The overall quality of Union Roofers roofing goods throughout the production process has significantly increased as a result of technological improvements in recent years. The bulk of the things listed above that have been damaged by wind are not visible from the ground!


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