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Selection and Installation of Vinyl Siding

It is possible that Oakland Roofing pick of the best vinyl siding options for your home will make a significant impact in both the overall aesthetic of your home as well as the length of time it will maintain a low maintenance exterior. During the production process of Oakland Roofing vinyl siding, the quality of vinyl siding might vary significantly. When choosing a vinyl material, make sure that it is designed to endure the severe elements of nature, such as high winds, hail, and direct sun.

In addition to providing you with information of the most up-to-date high-quality siding options available, the skilled residential design professionals at Oakland Roofing will assist you in determining which type and color of siding would be most appropriate for your home.

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The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

  1. Virtually Maintenance Free

Vinyl siding made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and resembling wood siding is ideal for homeowners seeking a durable and almost maintenance-free choice.

  1. Variety of Colors

Oakland Roofing offer several kind of different types of vinyl siding and 30 different colors, including numerous shades of white, a variety of gray, green, red, and blue colors, as well as deeper colors that are not normally accessible in other material types.

  1. Variety of Designs

Although horizontal, vertical, and cedar shakes vinyl siding are the most common styles, homeowners have other alternatives. Although Oakland Roofing’s these types are less prevalent, some homeowners choose them for their style and performance.

  1. Increased Homes Values

Adding new vinyl siding to your home can boost its value by around 76.7 percent of the project cost. One critical factor to consider is whether the siding you choose will retain its value after being exposed to Mother Nature or your neighbor’s baseball.

  1. Strong Warranties

You may obtain a guarantee on Oakland Roofing work, depending on the nature of the service and its characteristics.

The chance to meet with you and demonstrate the benefits of working with Oakland Roofing is something we are looking forward to.


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